From #KFCProposal to #KFCWedding and now #NationalWedding.

This is the incredible story of a humble marriage proposal made by Hector, a Southafrican man to his sweetheart – Nonhlanhla – at a KFC fast-food joint in South Africa, now a national affair.   As the #KFCProposal went viral on Social media, a rather cheeky journalist used the video to shame the man and South African men for being

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One of the most exciting political campaigns ever staged in the history of Africa!! HOT, ELECTRIFYING – and I must say, most AUDACIOUS! Omoyele’s campaign for the Presidency of Nigeria has held me spellbound for several months now! A radical new leader with a radical approach to elections business – should I say politics as a whole. Sowore’s “activist approach”

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Have an Independent Mind

A good friend of mine, sadly rendered mentally impaired by some unfortunate events that had befallen him, once told me that he didn’t have an independent brain. I had prior to that occasion often pondered what exactly could have happened to him considering he was once a fine gentleman with so many prospects in life. It wasn’t until then that

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Imagination Fueling Innovation?

It is absolutely amazing how science fiction movies, cartoons and novels have led the way for major innovations in technology today. Absolutely! Today I was on where Facebook was introducing the new messenger video calling feature; this took my mind way back to how we used to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as kids and marveled at their unique

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The world is us!

Have you ever had this feeling that you are just a tiny speck in a so vast universe? I bet you have! Its a feeling I get far too often and always it makes me look rather too little and very insignificant as I pit myself against the vast universe of God’s creation! However, I think that this perception we have

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