This is the incredible story of a humble marriage proposal made by Hector, a Southafrican man to his sweetheart – Nonhlanhla – at a KFC fast-food joint in South Africa, now a national affair.


As the #KFCProposal went viral on Social media, a rather cheeky journalist used the video to shame the man and South African men for being cheap.”SA men are so broke they even propose at KFC…¬†they have absolutely no class, I mean, who proposes at KFC?” @butterfly_Anele tweeted.


This move by the ill-willed @butterfly_Anele completely backfired as KFC South Africa, PUMA, McDonald’s, Audi, Standard Chartered, Huawei and a host of other South African Companies and individuals quickly intervened with pledges, offering gifts, treats and services to make the wedding a success!!

With the wedding officially planned for New Year’s eve, this unknown couple and their humble proposal may turn out to be, perhaps, one of the biggest weddings in South Africa! Keep the good work HATERS!!!!

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Design: Benyella Njeko