The Turtle Communicator 

It is absolutely amazing how science fiction movies, cartoons and novels have led the way for major innovations in technology today. Absolutely! Today I was on www.messenger.com where Facebook was introducing the new messenger video calling feature; this took my mind way back to how we used to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as kids and marveled at their unique turtle-shell, hands-free video handsets.

Facebook Messanger with video chat

Facebook Messenger with video chat

Wow!! Come to think of it, it was really fascinating. As kids our imaginations will run wild. We would even make for ourselves some match box versions. I have often wondered whether it was the mere craving of some of these writers/authors for a digital world with endless possibilities or whether some of these inclusions were just for the sake of the drama? Well, that would take some research to find out!

But frankly, I believe down within us we have always wished for the impossible, the wild, and the absolutely crazy. I must say that that this is the very spirit that fuels innovation. The desire to do better, to make things easier, to go places we have never reached and to get those things that are beyond our wildest dreams! Lets continue to imagine for that is the where innovation lives!

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