Have you ever had this feeling that you are just a tiny speck in a so vast universe? I bet you have! Its a feeling I get far too often and always it makes me look rather too little and very insignificant as I pit myself against the vast universe of God’s creation!

However, I think that this perception we have of ourselves is very erroneous! Oh yes, I said erroneous. The truth is that each time I picture myself this way I become less worthy, I feel less powerful – you know the drop of water in an ocean thing!??

But I should say here that the World is actually us! We are the reason why the world is! We make the world! Without us, the world would be nothing! This is a completely different view of things. It places us on an absolute vantage position. It puts us in a place of power! Now we be like… What am I doing? rather than why should l do?

You are the world and the word is you, It is not other people’s thing! It is your thing! You are not insignificant… no! It is you! Who you are and what you do can never go unnoticed! You are an ingredient in the mix. Without you, the mix cannot have the desired savour. Go, let it out! Give it your best shot! You are that rare spice, that so needed ingredient. Without you, things cannot be the way they have to be!

We are bigger than we think we are, more influential than we imagine, more productive than our abilities, The world is us! Let’s make our mark!!

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